To make the installation process of solar panels to the roof simple and easy, ViaSolis suggests ViaSolis SOLRIF Glass/Glass in-roof system for 60 cells modules. Unlike on-roof systems, this roof integrated mounting system is a true alternative to conventional roof covers. The Solrif® mounting system is suited for various roof types. It can be used in complete or partial photovoltaic roofing, including in combination with solar thermal collectors or roof penetrations (such as skylights, chimneys, etc.).  




  Quick and easy installation due to less components for the mounting system.

Easy and flexible maintenance


Aesthetically superior solution. Full cover for the roof with perfect and aesthetical look in different colours.


50+ year lifetime. Edge-sealant protection assures superior atmospheric and humidity resistance.


Back glass instead of plastic assures durability and robust protection against UV, moisture, ammonia and salt corrosion.


Higher heat dispensing - glass is better thermal conductor than plastic back-sheet in standard modules ensuring higher efficiency in hot climate.


100% PID free cells. Potential induced degradation is eliminated at cell level using PVB lamination foil.


Wider light spectrum absorbed. PVB lamination foil utilise light spectrum starting from 280nm.

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