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ViaSolis is an international manufacturer of PV glass and provider of solar energy solutions. The company was established in 2009. 

Via Solis operates one of the most advanced production facilities in EU. We merge and utilize best achievements from PV, glass processing & lamination as well as insulated glass manufacturing industries. 

The manufacturer is able to supply entirely customised PV safety glass components, representing a wide range of shape, size, glass features and colours, as well as transparency. Due to exceptional manufacturing flexibility, Via Solis PV safety glass is a perfect material for Building Integrated PV solutions, capable of meeting ambitious architectural and energetic self-sufficiency ideas.

The quality of standard PV modules and durability no longer meets the expectations of today's customers. In the late 90’s a typical PV module warranty lasted about 5 years but now even 15-25 years warranty is not enough. Constantly improving product manufacturing technology and quality encourages solar users to require the best from market. To meet our customers’ needs, ViaSolis moves forward by both bringing innovations into the settled market and by creating novel demands that did not exist before.
SolarEdge provides groundbreaking distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. The company's technology maximizes power generation for residential, commercial and large-scale PV systems. The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly reliable PV inverters with 98% efficiency and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection.  
VIASOLIS SOLRIF 250-270 To make the installation process of solar panels to the roof simple and easy, ViaSolis suggests ViaSolis SOLRIF Glass/Glass in-roof system for 60 cells modules. Unlike on-roof systems, this roof integrated mounting system is a true alternative to conventional roof covers. The Solrif® mounting system is suited for various roof types. It can be used in complete or partial photovoltaic roofing, including in combination with solar thermal collectors or roof penetrations (such as skylights, chimneys, etc.).              KEY FEATURES   Quick and easy installation  due to less components for the mounting system.   Easy and flexible maintenance   Aesthetically superior solution.  Full...

During the 3rd – 5th of March Soli Tek, distributor of Via Solis PV modules, representatives were delighted to display latest products and solutions at ECOBUILD exhibition in London, Great Britain. In addition to displaying products, Via Solis CEO participated in ECOBUILD’s press conference "Customised solar facades at the click of a mouse?" and presented  the SmartFlex, a large-scale collaborative project within the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme.


During the 3rd – 5th of March Soli Tek representatives will be showcasing latest products and solutions at ECOBUILD exhibition in London, Great Britain. 


Soli Tek Industry achieves the first Swiss IEC Standard certification for PV module – the first one done by the Swiss quality trademark Electrosuisse. 

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