Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) is the best solution to implement distributed in-house electricity generation. Being a synthesis of PV and conventional construction materials, BIPV can be easily integrated into the façade, roof and other parts of a building.




BIPV provides investors, architects and engineers with completely new opportunities to deal with energy supply and environmental issues.

BIPV solutions are suitable for all kind of buildings. It able to deliver significant part of energy consumption and in some cases can be a single solution to achieve Net Zero Energy building (nZEB) status.


What can in reality BIPV can generate?

Public, which is not familiar with recent developments in PV industry, stereotypically that BIPV can generate electricity “just for fun” rather than for reasonable coverage of consumption.

However, worldwide experience demonstrates absolutely opposite picture.


Saving environment - reduction of CO2 emissions

The integration of PV systems into buildings not only provide inhabitants with low cost energy but also reduces the global greenhouse gas emissions.

It has been calculated that the integrated solar installations example of 10 000 square meters building will eliminate several hundred tons of carbon emissions each year.

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