Simplify the installation of glass/glass PV modules
2014-12-02 13:46:09

In an effort to make the installer's job easier, ViaSolis starts the production of framed glass/glass modules in November 2014.

Comparing to frameless modules, framed modules are easier to carry and do not require very exceptional care when handling. Also, a frame makes the module safer and minimizes the risk of damaging the edges and corners of the module during installation period. Framed glass/glass modules do not require specific mounting solutions; it can be easily installed with a wide range of existing mounting systems.

ViaSolis 2 mm glass/glass modules are produced using edge-sealing protective technology to protect PV cells from humidity and ensure the longevity and durability of the products. ViaSolis modules – advanced choice for those who look for durability, safety and efficiency.


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