Are you aware, that 20 – 30 % of your electricity bill consists of energy delivery costs due to the highly concentrated conventional generation?

Having an obvious trend to grow, this part of costs builds up the end price for electricity in average 5% per annum worldwide.

And no single ViaSolis is confident, that the most efficient way to address this problem is to produce electricity locally in small capacity plants.

There is no doubts that solar PV distributed generation is one of the most perspective ways to deal with electricity price increase as well as deliver crucial contribution to the reduction of carbon emission.


Energy for everyone

In the modern days, thanks to the technological breakthrough of solar energy achieved what was more than expected to achieve even ten years electric energy produced by the solar conversion method become competitive. As a result, varying the size of the solar power plants are becoming an integral part of the surrounding environment. Because of its simplicity, solar energy in forced mainstreaming will only increase. Via Solis on this path, the company developed the production technology modules expand solar power integration capabilities, will eliminate the current widespread lack of technology




An ever-rising electric bill is powerful motivation to consider adding an alternative-energy system to your home. Solar energy is the most viable alternative for most homeowners. Thanks to the new technologies, everyone can become a green energy producer. Join us now and be independent!

Take advantage of your large roof surfaces and start generating your own power today. Via Solis smart solutions guarantee the best quality and top yields. Via Solis combines most efficiency modules and power harvesting solutions with the best energy storage technologies for grid independence and improved own consumption.


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