Why glass/glass technology?

ViaSolis modules are produced by laminating PV cells between two glass sheets, instead of glass and conventional polymer based backsheet. The results of complex practical tests of automotive industry have shown that glass/glass technology is a durable and a safe solution.

In addition, it has been proved that glass itself absorbs the majority of UV-B rays and any remaining UV-B together with most of the UV-A rays are absorbed by the PVB bonding layer resulting in UV protection.

This is why for PV cell lamination ViaSolis successfully adapted technology of automotive windshield manufacturing.





What advantages does edge-sealant technology offer?

ViaSolis applied particular experience and implemented Isolating-Glass (IG) production technology, which durability has been approved for more than 50 years for PV module manufacturing.

Hence, the perimeter of ViaSolis module is 100% covered with thermoplastic insulation (Butyl), which eliminates the access of moisture to the PV cells and guarantees 100% water resistance and up to 50 year performance life time.


What advantages does PVB bonding offer?

For cells lamination, ViaSolis uses special lamination foil developed for glass/glass PV industry (PVB) which increases a spectrum of use of light waves from 280 nanometres in length that is almost 20% longer comparing to EVA. Wider light spectrum utilization measurably improves cell efficiency and guarantees up to 4 % higher yield.

PV modules manufactured with PVB satisfies the highest safety standards applicable to glazing in buildings. It is a tried-and-tested product for the manufacture of laminated safety glass distinguishing by the excellent resistance to heat, UV light and environmental influences.




What advantages does the stress-free PV cells lamination offer?

The lamination of ViaSolis modules is performed without mechanical load impact to the PV cells which is essential to ensure the longevity and stable performance of the semiconductor.

Low vacuum & higher atmospheric pressure technologies are based on the experience of glass industry ensuring increased lifetime of the module.


For which markets is the new panel suitable?

Due to exceptional manufacturing flexibility, Via Solis PV modules are ideal for both conventional roof-mounted, façade-mounted, ground-mounted PV installations as well as non-standard PV installations and Building Integrated projects. Markets of extreme temperatures with strong fluctuations (day/night) and higher humidity would be perfect for ViaSolis modules.

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