SolarEdge provides groundbreaking distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. The company's technology maximizes power generation for residential, commercial and large-scale PV systems. The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimizers, highly reliable PV inverters with 98% efficiency and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection.

With the Safe DC function from SolarEdge there is a higher security for your workers during maintenance and installation. In case of any error, the modules are shut down to 1 V per module. No risk of light arch or height Voltage left, easy check if all modules are connected.


  Up to 25% more energy 
Increased energy yield & faster return on investment through module-level MPPT
  Constraint free design 
Maximum space utilization with minimum design time
  Cost efficient maintenance
Full visibility of system performance & remote troubleshooting
  SafeDCTM - DC safety
Safety during installation, maintenance, firefighting & other emergencies




Power optimizer

By connecting a SolarEdge power optimizer to a PV panel it becomes a smart panel. This allows:

  • Harvest of up to 25% more energy from each panel;
  • Constant feedback on the performance of each panel.
  • Automatic shutdown of each panel for maximum safety in case of an emergency.


More simple and reliable inverter:

  • Responsible only for DC to AC conversion, as all other functions are handled separately for each panel by the power optimizers;
  • Small and esthetic.


By displaying real time performance data for each module, the monitoring portal allows:

  • Full visibility of your system’s performance;
  • Automatic alerts on system issues;
  • Easy access from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
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