ViaSolis technologically advanced Glass/Glass modules can be fully customised for non-standard PV installations and Building Integrated projects. Via Solis photovoltaic modules can be manufactured according to the needs of individual clients by exploiting the possibilities of the color spectrum, size, desirable shape, different light transmission or insulating characteristics.


Colours & silk-screen printing

PV modules would suit any design including a choice of colours of cells. ViaSolis can supply products with a coloured silkscreen printing on the front and the rear of the module, as a solid, uniform back tone or in a special design. 


Dimensions & shapes

Modules can be custom-made up to 1.7 x 3.5 meters in size, providing optimum flexibility. In addition, all shapes are possible, from square to triangular and circular.





     50+ year lifetime. Edge-sealant protection assures superior atmospheric and humidity resistance. ......      100% PID free cells. Potential induced degradation is eliminated at cell level using PVB lamination foil.  
  Back glass instead of plastic assures durability and robust protection against UV, moisture, ammonia and salt corrosion.     Wider light spectrum absorbed. PVB lamination foil utilise light spectrum starting from 280nm.  
  Higher heat dispensing - glass is better thermal conductor than plastic back-sheet in standard modules ensuring higher efficiency in hot climate.    

Possibility to adjust: dimensions, forms, colours and efficiencies for BIPV solutions. 

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