With ViaSolis PV products at hand, consumers can enjoy clean and low-cost energy. Below we have assembled a few of reference projects with ViaSolis PV modules showing different solar power applications. Let‘s explore the solar world together!


Goldach power plant

Location: Goldach, Schweiz

Power: 130,7 kWp

PV system type: Building integrated system

Goldach has become cleaner and greener municipality due to the ViaSolis photovoltaic installation at high-pressure pump station Rietli II. The photovoltaic system with a capacity of 130.7 kWp was integrated into the southeast and southwest facades of a timber walls facility.

PV installation consists of 476 ViaSolis frameless monocrystalline Glass/Glass PV modules, each of 275 Wp. A total number of 16 strings were formed and led to eight inverters from SolarEdge. Frameless PV panels were mounted with laminate module clamps.




Šukionių power plant

Location: Šukionys, Lithuania

Power: 30 kWp

PV system type: Ground-mounted system

This 30 kW solar plant was one of the first ground-mounted type plants installed with frameless ViaSolis Glass/Glass modules. Frameless design protects the module from potential yield losess caused by dirt, sand and snow that is commonly stopped by the module frame.

The Glass/Glass modules are bonded to the mounting structure with special adhesive material adapted to outdoor conditions and resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations.




Toila SPA Hotell power plant

Location:  Toila, Estonia

Power: 44 kWp

PV system type: Building integrated system (BIPV)

System of 44 kWp consists of frameless ViaSolis glass/glass solar panels with steel rail bars securely bonded to the back glass surface. These rail bars work as an attachment point for traditional mechanical fastening system to secure the module to the building.

BIPV is a perfect solution to increase building’s aesthetic value and market worth and to keep up with the age of Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings. 




SANE Lärmschutzwand power plant

Location:  Alpine region, Italy

Power: 2,6 kWp

PV system type: Ground-mounted system

The reduced ability of land use in the Alpine region results in roads and railway lines near to the residential areas and causes the problems of noise pollution. One of the major faults in Alpine valleys is sound reflection. 

SANE - Silence and New Energy, a noise barrier with superior sound absorption and sound insulation with the the additional value of renewable energy. SANE project was motivated by the fact that noise is considered a burden and increasingly dangerous for public health. This PV installation consists of customised ViaSolis glass/glass solar panels.




Residential house power plant

Location: Rokiškis, Lithuania

Power: 5,9 kWp

PV system type: Roof-mounted system

This 9,8 kWp solar plant consists of frameless ViaSolis glass/glass PV modules with integrated SolarEdge power optimizers and highly reliable PV inverter ensuring the maximum power point (MPP) and preventing energy losses due to module mismatch or partial shading condition

Frameless ViaSolis PV modules are a good aesthetically appealing solution for residential roofs. Without the frame, they can have a very low roof profile. What is more, rail mounts for frameless modules include integrated wire management and good cable organization.




The Villa Circuitus power plant

Location: Vilkensved, Sweden

Power: 5,9 kWp

PV system type: Ground-mounted system

The Villa Circuitus is Sweden's first circular eco-house with an innovative solar ­powered  balustrade and energy generating roof. It was built to meet passive house requirements, with strict environmental demands in terms of design and construction materials. Two types of customized  ViaSolis glass/glass solar panels with a capacity of 5,9 kWp were used for this installation.

Impressive orange rectangular panels designed for balustrade imitates the warmth and comfort coming out from the interior.  No less impressive look thetrapezoidal solar panels used for the round roof reaching almost 3 metres in length.

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