The first Swiss IEC Standard certification for PV module (Press Release)
2015-02-10 14:38:30
Vilnius, Lithuania, 15th Jan 2015

The main Swiss certification body Electrosuisse, has issued their first certification to ViaSolis Glass/Glass PV modules for its design and safety. It is the first certification granted to a PV module by Swiss quality trademark. Qualification tests were carried out by SUPSI, the Swiss PV Module Test Centre.

This international certification is given to a new generation of Glass/Glass modules, produced from ViaSolis by using most innovative and unique manufacturing technique, taken from the glass industry, to ensure the longevity and durability of the products.

The module approved by Electrosuisse complies with testing standards IEC 61215:2005 (approval of PV modules design qualification and type) and IEC 61730:2004 (safety qualification) and meet all technical requirements to be internationally accepted.

Advantages of Glass/Glass PV modules

Glass/Glass modules are produced by laminating PV cells between two glass sheets, instead of standard glass and plastic.  Compared with standard modules, the same glass material resistance and heat dispersal is more durable against UV radiation in fluctuating temperatures and hot and humid climate zones.

Unlike other Glass/Glass modules on the market, ViaSolis uses innovative edge-sealant technology to protect PV cells from humidity and ensure the longevity and durability of the products to 30 - 40 years.  This innovation was transferred from the edge-sealing technology used in the time-tested car glass industry.

ViaSolis modules are manufactured using 100% green energy – geothermal, solar and hydro power. The company‘s standard glass/glass modules’ superior performance satisfies the needs of the owners of standard roof-mounted, façade-mounted and ground-mounted PV installations. ViaSolis modules – advanced choice for those who look for durability, safety and efficiency.

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