Net-Metering system – now in Lithuania
2014-12-22 14:40:42

On 9 th December, Seimas passed the amendments on Law on Renewable Energy of the Republic of Lithuania allowing net-metering system application for small solar power plants (residential <10kW,  commercial <50 kW).

According to the new law, the excess electricity produced by solar generating facility can be delivered to a grid operator‘s electricity network and sent back free to self-generating customers when the power is not produced. Only those generating facilities that are smaller than 10 MW will be eligible for net metering. The accounting procedures will be done according to the electricity meter data.

The unused portion of solar energy from the preceding month will be carried over to the following month. Meanwhile, the surplus of preceding year of electricity produced by self-generating customers will not be transferred to following year.

The application of net-metering system is a small step towards smart grids, the future of the energy business proving that renewable technology can revolutionize without subsidies or increased electricity prices.

Energy produced by Self-generating customers will not be accounted for a VIAP, a tax paid by each electricity consumer in Lithuania for and electricity distribution services.

This law promoting solar energy will come into force 2 March 2015.



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